The following medical professionals are Medicine of Cycling Pro Members and have attended the Medicine of Cycling Conference and/or the Medical Emergencies in Cycling Course (MECC) within the last two years.

These cycling-doctors and medical professionals have specialized knowledge relevant to cyclists and cycling related conditions, and enjoy seeing cyclists as part of their regular medical practice.

Medicine of Cycling is not a credentialing company and does not do background checks. Please refer to state licensing boards for further information about each candidate.


Paul Abramson, MD
Family Medicine/Addiction Medicine
San Francisco, CA

Justin Bosley, MD
Emergency Medicine
Oakland, CA

Curtis Cramblett, PT, CSCS, CFMT
Physical Therapy
San Jose, CA

Adam Pacal, MD
Internal Medicine
San Diego, CA

Mark Payares, DPT
Physical Therapy
Redondo Beach, CA

Prentice Steffen, MD, FAAEM
Emergency Medicine
Santa Cruz, CA

Stacy Sims, PHD
Exercise Physiology-Nutrition Sciences
Fairfax, CA

Sean Morrissey, MD
Sports Medicine & Family Medicine
Campbell, CA


Aaron Liddell, MD, DMD
Maxillofacial Surgery
Denver, CO

John Tannyhill, MD, DDS
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Centennial, CO

Chris Wehr, MD
Thoracic Surgery - Cardiac, Vascular and Venous Surgery
Colorado Springs, CO

Sean Bender, MD
Emergency Medicine
Denver, CO

Kelby Bethards, MD
Family Practice
Fort Collins, CO

Michael Reeder, D.O.
Sports Medicine
Grand Junction, CO


Howard Heinze, MD
Pediatrics, Pediatric Endocrinology
Pensacola, FL

Dean Traiger, MD
Family Medicine / Sports Medicine
Cape Coral, FL

Cling Laird, DPM
Venice, FL


Alejandro Homaechevarria, MD
Sports Medicine
Boise, ID


John G. Fan, MD
Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
Hutchinson, KS


James Ruppel, MD
Family Medicine
Annapolis, MD


Emily Phillips, FNP
Family Practice
Andover, MA

Rozanne Puleo, FNP
Family Medicine
Lynn, MA

C. Gregory Robidoux, PT
Physical Therapy
Malden, MA

Gregory Wright, DC, EMT
Musculoskeletal Rehab and Sports Medicine
West Harwich, MA


Peter Vajda, MD
Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics
Detroit, MI


Mark D. Stephany, MD
Internal Medicine
Coon Rapids, MN

Kirk Hanson, OPA
Orthopedics, Sports Medicine
Farmington, MN

Marie-Christine Leisz, DO
Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Saint Paul, MN


Guy R. Schmidt, MD
Orthopedics/Sports Medicine
Billings, MT


Andy Pasternak, MD, MS
Family Medicine
Rene, NV

New Mexico

Cal Ridgeway, MD FACS
Surgical Oncology
Albuquerque, NM

New York

Eric Barth, MD
Internal Medicine
Wantagh, NY

Claudette Lajam, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
New York, NY

Stanley Ambis, MD
Family Practice, Medical Acupuncture
Batavia, NY

North Carolina

Trevor Bainbridge Matulys, DPT
Sports Physical Therapy
Durham, NC


Judy Richardson, MD
Family Medicine
The Dulles, OR

Alison Fulmer, MD
Portland, OR

Anne Linton, MD
Portland, OR


Michael Khazalpour, MD, M.B.A.
Emergency Medicine/Sports Medicine
Hummelstown, PA

Rhode Island

Mark Greve, MD
Emergency Medicine
Providence, RI

South Dakota

Christopher Dietrich, MD
Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation/Pain/Sports Medicine
Rapid City, SD


Carol McFarland, PT PhD
Physical Therapy
Tyler, TX

James W. Slauson, MD
Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine
San Angelo, TX


James Crouch, MD PhD
Emergency Medicine
Norfolk, VA


Erik Moen, PT
Physical Therapy
Kenmore, WA

John D. Stephens, MD
Bellingham, WA


Greg Goblirsch, MD
Family Medicine
River Falls, WI

John Beauchamp, PT
Physical Therapy
Mukwanago, WI


Jan Mathieu
Sports Medicine


Barbara Bialokoz, PT

Hong Kong

Jetz Chong, BSc, MasterMR

The Netherlands

Peter Slegtenhorst

New Zealand

Ajit Johri, MD
Family Sport and Travel Medicine

United Kingdom

Alan Farrell
Head of Medicine, Team Sky

Dan Guillemette MSc BSc (Hons) MCSP MAACP
Lead Physiotherapist, Team Sky

Dean Taylor, BSc, MCSP

Nathan Thomas, BSc

Gary Darling-Parkes, MSc, FRSA, ESTES
Sports Medicine & Military Trauma