Friday August 18 - Sunday August 20, 2017


Friday August 18, 2017

Bike Fit 101 and Demo - Greg Robidoux PT

Fit Grand Rounds - Staff

EMG - Wendy Holliday

Anatomy and Biomechanical for Fitters - Brian Adams PT

Bike Anatomy and Mechanics for Medical Professionals - Mike Sylvester

Evidence Based Bike Fitting - Paraic McGlynn

Female Pelvis - Lotte Kraus

Life as a Pro Fit and All - Allison Dunlap

IBFI - Certification in Fitting - Kurt Vogal

Saturday August 19, 2017

Research into Static vs Dynamic Fitting _ Wendy Holliday

Evaluation in Interventions for the Cervical Spine - Greg Robidoux

Evaluation in Interventions for the Lumbar Spine - Greg Robidoux

Case Studies - Andy Pruitt

Evaluation in Interventions for the Thoracic Spine - Greg Robidoux

Yoga as a Foundation to Understand Fitting Bodies to Bikes - Mike Sylvester

Sunday August 20, 2017

Cyclist Centered Evaluation and Goal Setting - Curtis Cramblett

Neutral Fit and Efficient Biomechanics - Curtis Cramblett

On-Bike Screen Demo/Lab - Curtis Cramblett

Off-Bike Screen Demo/Lab - Curtis Cramblett

On-Bike Interventions and Accommodations for Common Complaints - Curtis Cramblett

Off-Bike Interventions/Treatment for Common Complaints and Injury Prevention - Curtis Cramblett