2020 Medicine of Cycling CME Conference Schedule

Posted on February 2, 2020 by mabramson

Please reach out to Dr. Anna Abramson or Dr. Aaron Goldberg with questions about the conference and to the UCSF CME office for all registration related questions.

Please visit the "Conference" page for the latest update and details on the conference!

Link to course registrationhttps://www.ucsfcme.com/2021/MMJ21002/info.html

Activity  Dates:September 11, 2020 - September 13, 2020
Location:USA Cycling National Conference Center
Colorado Springs, CO
Fees:Early Bird 4/15/20
Physician $425
Advanced Health Practitioner $375
Resident/Fellow/Trainee $250

Regular Fee 4/16/2020
Physician $450
Advanced Health Practitioner $400
Resident/Fellow/Trainee $250

On Site Fee
Physician $475
Advanced Health Practitioner $425
Resident/Fellow/Trainee $275 

Medical Emergencies in Cycling Course $250
Hands on training for managing cycling emergencies on the road and competition
9/11/2020 8am to 5pm

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation $250
Hands on and lecture course for physicians and physical therapists working with cyclists through chronic overuse injuries and disabilities
9/11/2020 8am to 5pm

Dinner $50
Saturday night group dinner
9/12/2020 at 7pm

Course Outline:

Friday, 9/11/20MECCPhysical Therapy and FIT
8amIntroduction to cycling injuries and illnessEvaluation on Bike Lecture
9amOrthopedic and facial injuriesHands on Tutorial Evaluation on the Bike
10amWounds and SplintingIntervention off the Bike, Flexibilty and Strength)
11amAcute TraumaHand on Tutorial Intervention off the Bike 
1pmAirways Assessment and managementBike Fit 101
2pmMass Casualty AssessmentLow Back Pain
3pmMass Casualty PracticumHip and Knee Complex
4:30pmMTB ride (no credit)MTB ride (no credit)
7pmReception and Research SymposiumReception and Research Symposium
Saturday, 9/12/20Main Course 
8amConcussion in Cycling, What's New? 
9amDepression, ADHD, OCD, mental health after injury 
10amCardiac dysfunction screening and management 
11amAlternative treatments woth the hype 
noonlunch - team physician huddle 
1pmWomen in Cycling 
2pmChronic Cycling Injuries 
3pmTraining to the Peak of Health and Overtraining 
4:30pmroad ride (no credit) 
7pmDinner (no credit) 
Sunday, 9/13/20  
8amRehab and FIT - chronic injury management 
9amPrimary and Specialty Care via technology 
11amRace preparedness for Road, Mountain, and Cyclocross 
noonUSADA Q&A 

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