Curtis Cramblett and Wade Hall to Give a “Bike Fit Demonstration” at the 2013 Medicine of Cycling Conference

Posted on August 14, 2013 by jtaylor

"Come Check Out This Fast-Paced 30 Minute Demonstration!"

See overview / demonstration of a typical road bike fit.  What are some of the key decisions that need to be made at three contact points and why?

How does a fitter decide on accommodations for cycling injuries?  When and why a fitter might use motion capture or other fitting technology.

Cramblett"Curtis Cramblett, PT, CFMT, CSCS, Cycling Coach has been a practicing physical therapist for over 20 years, cycling sports medicine for 15 years and cycling and racing in the amateur ranks his whole life. He has worked with teams including Garmin, Cervelo and Tibco and many Olympic and world class athletes as their PT, professional bike fitter and coach. He is located in San Jose California and is passionate about cycling efficiency and health."


Wade Hall small pic"Wade Hall is a 34 year Cycling industry veteran. He currently owns Spokesman Bicycles, a Pro-bike shop in Santa Cruz CA,  and helps in the teaching lab at Andy Pruitt's Body Geometry Fitting School in Morgan Hill CA.  In the fitting room at Spokesman Bicycles he uses: Retul, Guru DFU, Dartfish, Specialized video capture and closely follows the Body Geometry fitting protocols."

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