This year at Medicine of Cycling Happy Freedman will be presenting on the foot – shoe – pedal interface.  Come find common problems and solutions for your cyclists.  Orthotics, strength, wedges, shoes and more will be covered in this lecture and hands on presentation.

As you might have seen we are doing case studies again this year.   There was overwhelming excitement about the interactive model of learning across disciplines.

Like last year we are asking YOU to bring a case study that you can share in a small group.  Bring whatever data you want to share.  It can be very very detailed with video, pictures, on and off bike evaluation information or just "I saw this client last week who …." What do you usually do with these people?

In the next week or 2 start to capture these clients on paper or in your head and BRING them along.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference and sharing the learning opportunities!

Please share this flyer about Bike Fit!