Hospital for Special Surgery - ECHO - October 2011

HSS Staff Member Presents at Medicine of Cycling Conference

HSS Staff Member, Happy Freedman, Presents at Medicine of Cycling Conference 1

Happy Freedman, who works with Rock Positano, DPM, MPH, in the non-surgical
foot and ankle department at HSS, just returned from the 2011 Medicine of Cycling
Conference held August 20-22 in Colorado Springs.  In his second participation in
this important event, Freedman held a workshop on Medical Emergencies in
Cycling with Will Dunn, Aaron Goldberg, M.D., James Watkins, M.D. and Steven Zuckerman. Happy Freedman, who has coached bike racing for 30 years, covered
topics such as rider assessment and wound care from a moving vehicle, and shared
tips on pre-race strategies, vehicle selection, materials and techniques for efficient
care on the road.

This summer’s Medicine of Cycling Conference was the event’s second edition, after premiering in November 2010 at USA Cycling in Colorado Springs. Following its initial success and to accommodate its increased attendance, this summer the conference moved to a larger venue at the U.S.Olympic Training Center in Colorado. Organized by the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine’s Office of Continuing Medical Education, this conference aims to create a forum for medical professionals from the U.S. and around the world to create guidelines and standards of care for physicians and other medical professionals working with professional, competitive and recreational cyclists. Topics covered included knee, hip and back pain, osteoporosis, traumatic brain injuries, bike fit, and how common medical problems affect cyclists.

As a former competitive cyclist and long-term collegiate and development coach, Happy
Freedman has developed a special expertise in dealing with injured cyclists in competition
and their performance and recovery. “Learning about the prevalence of osteoporosis and
osteopenia in competitive cyclists was eye-opening,” says Freedman. “Being aware of this
research may help contribute to our ability to identify athletes at risk.” In his work with
Dr. Positano, Freedman sees a lot of cyclists as well as other athletes. “It was a privilege to participate in the first two conferences and I look forward to further involvement as this
conference continues to develop.”

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