"Medical Threat Assessments: Hope is not a Strategy - Planning for a Successful Race"


When planning a race, organizers often focus on the course, the participants, the permits, etc… and way at the bottom of the list is "medical." However, what does type of planning does that really entail? This course will provide the participant with the tools necessary to build a scalable medical plan that protects the riders, the staff and the providers. From the basics of performing a medical threat assessment to developing your emergency response objectives and assembling your team, the lecture will help participants ensure a safe event.

Dr. Bitner, MD, MEd, FACEP, is the Chief of Emergency Maria Parham Medical Center - Duke LifePoint Hospitals, and is the Director of Education and Training for STAT Medical Solutions.  He has worked many international-caliber events and helps to plan and organize the medical staff at the US' largest races.

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