COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (August 25, 2012) Without wasting any time at the third annual Medicine of Cycling Conference, participants rolled up their sleeves and got to work in Day 1’s Medical Emergencies in Cycling Course. Morning lectures followed by hands-on group teaching stations drew participants into staged real-life circumstances common to cycling, such as CNS trauma (central nervous system), caring for wounds from the back of a moving vehicle, and what to do when a rider goes down. First responders from around the state of Colorado shared their experiences with emergency room doctors, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and registered nurses, all who arrived from around the country to attend this year’s conference. Medical professionals who treat cyclists as part of their practice often take a general approach to this particular type of patient, conference participants agreed that they would take better care of their cycling patients as a direct result of the course.

Following the afternoon session, attendees were treated to the live action of a professional road race in progress at the finish of Stage 5 of the USA Pro Challenge (where there were thankfully no real-time opportunities to put into practice what they’d learned that afternoon during the Medical Emergencies in Cycling Course).

As testimony to the importance of emergency treatment for cyclists, registration for this year’s MECC more than doubled compared to last year’s numbers.

The Medicine of Cycling Conference continues today with sessions about evaluating concussion in cyclists, laws regarding treating patients remotely, cycling demographic and injury study, and bike fit. For more information about Saturday’s sessions, visit:

The day will end with a must-attend reception hosted by USA Cycling CEO, Steve Johnson, and attended by USA Pro Challenge racers and by race doctors from Team Type 1, Slipstream, and others. Conference participants will have the opportunity to mingle with presenters and network among themselves, as well as to establish relationships with other doctors interested in cycling nationwide. In the future, this singular community will be able to refer athletes to MD’s and other medical professionals who know cycling.

Medical Emergencies in Cycling Course Kicks Off the Third Annual Medicine of Cycling Conference 1
Medical Emergencies in Cycling Course Kicks Off the Third Annual Medicine of Cycling Conference 2
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