A group of researchers are currently in need of more volunteers for their study on the effects of core strengthening on VO2max in cyclists.  Currently, there are very few studies related to core strength/core training in cyclists, so please consider helping them out!  See below for more information about the study, as well as who to contact!

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the correlation between core strengthening exercise and VO2max in elite cyclists.

Methods:We have developed an 8-week training protocol that targets core strength and VO2max. Our protocol utilizes specific core strengthening exercises and power-based cycling intervals that progress in difficulty over the 8-week period. This protocol has shown promise in a preliminary pilot study.

Inclusion criteria: Cyclists must be 18 or older; posses a license through USA Cycling or a comparable local license and demonstrate appropriate baseline fitness. Additionally, individuals must not currently participate in a core-strengthening program.

Equipment/space needed: As we are utilizing power-based data, participants must own or have regular access to a bicycle or stationary trainer with a power meter. Other necessary equipment includes a heart rate monitor and a cycling computer to download and share their data. Depending on group assignments, participants may need a 36 inch-long round foam roller and a 65cm gym ball.

What is required of participants to complete: Cyclists will be randomly assigned to one of our study groups. Depending on group, participants will be prescribed a VO2max training protocol tailored to their fitness as demonstrated in a baseline power test and/or a standardized core-strengthening program. Test will be performed to establish baseline fitness prior to the study and at 4 and 8 weeks to record performance.

Contact info:

Craig Abrams, DC

Founder/Chiropractor at CADC


Josh Friedman

Owner/Coah at ATP Race Consulting


Neil Krulewitz

Medical Student at University of New England