Stretching Routine for Cyclists

Posted on July 10, 2012 by hwoodhull

Laurie Kramer PT, DPT of University of California, San Francisco recommends these stretches for cyclists.

  • Hold each stretch for 30 -90 seconds
  • You should feel a stretch but it should never be painful
  • Breathe into the stretch and try to relax as much as possible to allow for elongation of the tissue 

    Hip/Buttock Stretch

    • Place your R ankle on your L knee
    • Reach through and bring your L knee to your chest
    • Feel the stretch in the R hip/buttock are

      Hamstring Stretch

    • Grab the back of your thigh/calf or hook a towel over your foot
    • Pull your leg towards your head until you feel a stretch

      Calf Stretch

    • Place foot on step or floor
    • Lean forward at the hips until you feel a stretch behind your knee
    • Flat back (stick butt out) to increase the stretch

      Calf Stretch

    • Place both hands on the wall
    • Step back with R foot keeping the R knee straight
    • Slight bend in L knee, should feel stretch in R calf

      Deep Calf Stretch

    • Place both hands on the wall
    • Step back with R foot keeping the R knee slightly bent
    • Feel the stretch deep in the R calf

      Hip Quad Stretch

    • Kneel on your L knee with a 90 degree angle between your R foot and hip
    • Grab your L ankle and pull your foot towards your bottom until you feel a stretch in your L hip and quad
    • Tuck your pelvis (posterior pelvic tilt) to achieve a deeper stretch

      Spinal Twist

    • Place R leg over L
    • Twist to the R placing the back of the L arm outside the R leg to create a larger spinal twist
    • Keep L leg engaged by squeezing the quad and bringing the toes up towards the nose (dorsiflex ankle)

      Back Stretch

    • Lie on your back with arms and legs straight
    • Bring L knee to chest, squeeze and let it fall to the R side
    • Bring both arms out the side in a T and turn head to the L

      Back of Leg Stretch

    • Standing, grab your L foot and bring it towards your bottom
    • Keep knees next to one another
    • Posterior pelvic tilt will deepen the stretch

      Shoulder Stretch

    • Interlace fingers, cross wrists and straighten arms
    • Feel the stretch between the shoulder blades

      Neck Stretch

    • Look over your shoulder
    • You can place your hand on your chin to increase the stretch but avoid pain
    • Tilt ear to shoulder
    • Roll neck around from L side through the middle (looking down) to the R side

      Shoulder Blade Stretch

    • Roll shoulders forward and backward
    • Focus on squeezing between shoulder blades (shoulders up, back, down and squeeze)

      Quad /Glut Stretch

    • Roll back and forth over IT band
    • May be painful but well worth it
    • Can also roll over quads and gluts

      Hip Stretch

    • cross R leg in front of L
    • lean trunk to the R, pushing L hips out to the side
    • feel the stretch on the outside of the L hip

      Round Back Stretch

    • Round your back as if you were trying to hug something in front of you
    • Without pulling your arms behind you, squeeze only the muscles between your shoulder blades and hold for 8 slow counts
    • Keep your abdominal muscles tight as you squeeze the muscles between your shoulder blades so that your back does not arch

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