Thursday evenings, February 28 – April 4 2013

7:00 to 8:45 p.m., Mission Bay Campus, 600 16th Street

Cycling is a unique sport shared by kids and adults, used for recreation and transportation, and enjoyed by people of many fitness and ability levels. Kids, bike racers and commuters alike share the joy of adventure, speed, and accessibility the bike provides. All cyclists also share the pain of falling off the bike, overuse injuries, fear associated with injury, and other medical consequences that
result from exposure to the elements. This course, led by a multidisciplinary team of experts and cyclists in fields of neurology, psychology, urology, dermatology, nutrition, bike fit, and sports medicine, will cover a wide range of topics which affect every cyclist. Join us and the cycling community to discuss the ups and the downs of living and loving the bike.

Course chair:
Anna Abramson, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine; Co-Chair, Medicine of Cycling
Kristin Wingfield, MD, CCFP, Diploma Sports Medicine (CASEM)

More Information, speakers and syllabus @ UCSF

Registration @ UCSF Continuing Medical Education

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