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2017 Conference Syllabus


Speaker slides and instructions for the 2017 Medicine of Cycling Conference in Colorado Springs, CO

Presentation Slides and Evaluation Links:

MOCC 2017
Presentations: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzPtimwPfF7DTTBBX2NRRzVLSjg
Surveys: https://ucsf.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8A442md8xtV7kX3


MECC 2017
Presentations: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzPtimwPfF7DT3lqd3ctLWdIN2M
Surveys: https://ucsf.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b2bCrerLfcJAiZn


Bike Fit 2017
Presentations: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzPtimwPfF7DYnR1SnZiZ2dYLU0
Surveys: https://ucsf.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4ZY1Au3KNH48Y3b

SATURDAY, August 19, 2017 – Day 1 8th Annual Medicine of Cycling Conference

7:15 AM	Registration	
7:50 AM	Welcome and Introduction	Anna Abramson, MD
8:00 AM	Physician Management of Professional Cycling Teams	Prentice Steffen, MD
8:45 AM	Chiropractic Management of Professional Cycling Teams	Kevin Reichlin, CCSP
9:30 AM	Collaborative Approach to Management of Pro Teams Q&A	Steffen / Reichlin
9:50 AM	Break	
10:10 AM	Race Safety for Medical Officials	Chuck Hodge
10:55 AM	Research Presentations	
11:55 PM	Lunch	
12:55 PM	Cycling Injury Study Review	Chris Stockburger, MD
1:40 PM	Break	
2:00 PM	Kinesiology Tape for Injury Care Performance	Ted Forcum, DC DACBSP
2:45 PM	Psychological Management of Cyclists	Kate Bennett, PsyD
3:30 PM	Adjourn	
4:00 PM	Group ride - Leaves from Hyatt House Hotel Parking lot	
7:00 PM	Group Dinner – Sunbird Mountain Grill, 230 Point of the Pines	

SUNDAY, August 20th, 2017 – Day 2 8th Annual Medicine of Cycling Conference

7:30 AM	Registration	
8:00 AM	Concussion and Head Injury Update	Steven Broglio, PhD
8:45 AM	Facial Trauma Management	John Tannyhill, MD DDS
9:30 AM	Break	
9:50 AM	Myths and Realities of Lactate	Mark Baldwin, DO
10:35 AM	Nutritional Concerns for Cycling Athletes	Regina Hammond, MS RD CSSD
11:20 PM	Break	
11:40 AM	Cycling Physiology and Physiological Testing	Inigo San Milan, PhD
12:25 PM	Global Advances in Drug Detection and Deterrence Efforts	Adam Beharry, PhD
1:10 PM	Adjourn



7:00 AM	Registration	
7:30 AM	Welcome and Introduction	Mark Greve, MD
Keith Borg, MD
7:45 AM	Cycling Injuires and Illness	
8:45 AM	Orthopedic Injuries	
9:45 AM	Break	
10:00 AM	Hands-on Practical Stations / 20-Minute Rotations + Q&A
•	Wound Care and Splinting
•	Cleaning, wound assessment, Primary closure
•	Extremity immobilization, Wound Dressing
•	Spinal Immobilization
•	Pelvis and Hare Traction	MECC Staff
12:00 PM	Lunch	
1:00 PM	Trauma Practicals / 20-Minute Rotations + Q&A
•	Chest Trauma- Needle thoracostomy, chest wounds
•	Tourniquets, Hemorrhage Management, Shock
•	Cranio-facial trauma, BVM ventilation
•	Primary Survey	
2:45 PM	Mass Casualty Management	
3:00 PM	Mass Casualty Practical / 15-Minute Rotations + Q&A
•	Unresponsive Trauma
•	Roadrash
•	Mod TBI, Spinal immobilization
•	Unresponsive medical (AED)	
4:20 PM	Adjourn	


Let us know if you have any questions or comments!




"Great conference! Thanks for putting this group together in one place."

"The conference improved my understanding of USADA practices and helped me think of how to start conversation regarding PEDs with cyclists of all ages."

"This conference helped to improve my head injury awareness and roadside evaluation of athletes during cycling competitions."