Medicine of Cycling Members' Research
Amy Silder, PhD
Areas of Expertise: Biomechanics, Musculoskeletal modeling and imaging, neuromuscular control
Cycling Specific Research:
Influence of bicycle seat tube angle and hand position on lower extremity kinematics and neuromuscular control: implications for triathlon running performance, 2011
Non Cycling Research:
Men and women adopt similar walking mechanics and muscle activation patterns during load carriage, 2013
Six-week gait retraining program reduces knee adduction moment, reduces pain, and improves function for individuals with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis, 2013
Clinical and morphological changes following 2 rehabilitation programs for acute hamstring strain injuries: a randomized clinical trial, 2013
Changes in in vivo knee contact forces through gait modification, 2013
Hamstring strength and morphology progression after return to sport from injury, 2013
Toe-in gait reduces the first peak knee adduction moment in patients with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis, 2013
Predicting the metabolic cost of incline walking from muscle activity and walking mechanics, 2012
The influence of prior hamstring injury on lengthening muscle tissue mechanics, 2010
Effects of prior hamstring strain injury on strength, flexibility, and running mechanics, 2010
Hamstring strain injuries: recommendations for diagnosis, rehabilitation, and injury prevention, 2010
Differences in lower-extremity muscular activation during walking between healthy older and young adults, 2009
Effect of age on center of mass motion during human walking, 2009
MR observations of long-term musculotendon remodeling following a hamstring strain injury, 2008
Active and passive contributions to joint kinetics during walking in older adults, 2008